Teaterverket is a non-professional theatre at Odenplan in Stockholm were you can collaborate with other creative people and try out different ideas and set up plays without taking economic risks.


Director Linnéa Ytterlid

Welcome to Paris in 1910 and meet the maids Claire and Solange in their vain attempt to reach power and wealth. The play begins with a dangerous game were the sisters alternate in playing the part of the supressor Madame and the kneeling maid. But what happens if they get detected? If Madame finds out that they were the ones sending the letter that forced Monsieur into prison.

Julia Strandljung in the picture to the left plays Solange and Jennifer Löfgren to the right plays Claire. Linnéa Ytterlid plays Madame.

Teaser Trailer Silent Movie

Teaser Trailer Thriller

Photos by Donnie Klang


Inför Lyckta Dörrar

Director Linnéa Ytterlid

In this version of Sartres Behind Closed Doors you will follow Estelle, Leo and Charlie in their afterlife in Hell. The devil is constantly there, even though they can’t see him, making sure that the trio never will get along but instead suffer through eternity. With special effects like a forever tilting picture, film to symbolize the visions of the living and fire it was a very visual and thrilling play according to the audience.

Photo Donnie Klang


Kvinnan i Sanden

Regi Fredrik Berg