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SWAT Workshop

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Workshop in SWAT technique today with The Film Attic at Birkagården Stockholm. Awesome!

We practised taking out the gun and holding it in different stances, talked a lot about safety rules and made scenes with hostages, perpetrators and police officers. In the first scene I was a hostage which was very fun and I got into my character really good. So when people was shot and killed around me I started to cry.

In the other scene I got to be the rookie police in our squad and unfortunately got badly shot, possibly died. We used guns that only shoots pressed air, they make a sound but it’s really hard to tell if you actually get hit. The whole thing was a lot of fun and I’d love do another workshop with action film fighting!

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  1. This is the perpetrator that shot me! No actually on this picture he is a policeman coming to save me and my collegues.
  2. Do  you see me? I’m the hostage that the male perpatrator is pushing down towards the floor.
  3. They wanted to keep their kids but we, the social workers, thought they were unfit parents. Seems we were pretty right.
  4. My SWAT teammates!

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  1. Silje H

    Wow it looks incredibly cool.
    Looks like you got incredible good into the role from What i see in the picture above.
    Would love to see it irl

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