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I’ve been in Birmingham for a week learning to stagefight!

We started off our first day with unarmed and grappling, towards the end we did a fun fighting routine that we called “Steve, Denice and the Cheese”. Second day we did some dagger work, totally new for me and really interesting. Third day we did medival longsword and I think that was my favorite, I’ve always wanted to starr in an action movie with swordfighting. Thursday and Friday we started to make our own choreographies to show at examination day. Then on Saturday Raph and Daniel came as examinators and we got to show of our skills. They also had a workshop with us in which we got to try hand axes! But the best part was when they called us in one by one to try us individually and they both went on me with daggers and swords! I was panicking, trying to dodge and block the best that I could with a heartbeat like a rabbit. It was such an intense experience! It was so worth it though when the examintors called me out last for our diplomas with these words “Last we have Linnéa… I’m just gonna say… Wow.” I was so proud! Beforehand I had been so nervous, on the brink of fainting because of high stress plus been working out and lack of food. It was an awesome week and I can’t wait to get back and do the intermediate level!

Thank you Stagefight School of Performance Combat!

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