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Back in the World of Shakespeare

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And also back in Sweden! And back in Stockholm! Working with Measure for Measure, Opening night is next Friday at 15.00. Save the date!

Today we had our first run through of the entire play which took around three hours. Need to boil it down, pick up the tempo and learn our lines! It was fun being back after such a long time away, and to see how far they have gotten while I was gone. Our version of the play begins in Austria-Hungary in the beginning of 1900. A time full of double standards and power hungry people just like our world today.

In this picture we see a secret masquerade ritual inspired by the one in the movie “Eyes wide shut” by Stanley Kubrick.

We focused a lot on rehersing my scenes because last time we did them were before I went to USA. Fortunately we remembered most of our sceneries very well! Here Julia is scolding duke Vincent.

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