At war with my body

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I have been struggling with the flu for the past week and I’m finally feeling better! I most have caught it in the horror house… Life however doesn’t care if you are not well, it continues anyway and you just have to roll with it. So I’ve been helping my friend Christine Fullman with her dress rehersal for En misslyckad succé, a monologue show about being a freelancing actress. I’ve also rehersed with Julijen and had my theatre classes as usual, then slept a lot. Like all the time a lot.

Lately I’ve been going to plenty of monologue shows. Elina Mattson played Jag föll och vaknade hos dig, a poetic play with text from Alice in Wonderland, Ett drömspel (A dream play) and herself. The students at Stdh had their Departure scenes, which was really inspiring. I went to see Adam Stålhammar in Bäst Före Barnet, which was absolutely great and then I also saw Halv åtta i mig and Lilith. The day after I returned with Julijen for some more inspiration and we saw Soap.

So now when I’m all well again I have plenty of new inspiration to create theatre!


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