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Back in Stockholm after last weeks ghosting. Started off with a great meating with my group JULIJEN this sunday, we discussed music and time period of our play. We did some research for costume and scenery and watched an episode of Downton Abbey for inspiration. After the meeting I went to Kungsängen to have an acrobatic dance class for theatre students. We did some rolling on the floor, backbends and pyramids and in the end a choreography. We worked both with music and then took away the music so they could learn to listen and breathe together. When class was over me and Veronica, their theatre teacher and my friend, practised some fencing that she is going to use in a teacher show this winter.

The director of Lika för lika was feeling ill so I held the rehersals this monday and we stumbled through most of the play, including some new parts that we’ve just got script for. We also warmed up with some master and servant play which was really inspiring and appriciated by the ensemble.

On tuesday I rehersed with JULIJEN for three hours. We started working on the floor with the play Jungfruleken and we’re all very excited about diving in to this project. So until next week I’m going to research the early 1900 and figure out how to make a great and beautiful costume drama with a tiny tiny budget.

After my weekly theatre class at Nolltrefem in Halmstad I went to Dramalogen for a so called Språkcafé. It is a language evening where you can come to improve your swedish and share cultural experiences with others. I met a lot of new people and it was really interesting. I’ll probably try to go every other week in the future.

For my Alice in Wonderland group this week was about the imaginary world. We played with miming a different reality and how to make an audience see in what kind of environment a character is. I let them explore their own imaginary djungle, every now and then I gave them suggestions for what they saw, until they all climbed a tree and found a golden glimmering object. In the end we gathered and made a soundcircle exercise. They closed their eyes and made sounds of a forrest, a cave, the sea, a storm and a harbour. I’m very proud of them and the focus and inspiration I felt from them as they left was beautiful.

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