Dramalogen is an umbrella organisation for freelancing artist and creators and part of the municipality of Halmstad under the cultural administration. With culture as our tool, we work for increased dialogue and sustainable democracy.

Teater Psykos – Ryck upp dig

Teater Psykos is a ongoing project between Dramalogen, ABF and CLAVIS about mental unhealth. In the spring of 2017 we collaborated with people from CLAVIS that suffers from mental unhealth. We did writing and theatre excercises that later became a script and a show named Ryck upp dig – en föreställning som garanterat ger biverkningar (Get yourself together – a show guaranteed to cause side effects). The show opened at Tall Ship Races in June and was very successful.

Directors Charlotte Libäck and Linnéa Ytterlid

The play is about six people living in an apartment house, all of them dealing with mental unhealth and the feeling of not beeing normal. A note from the landlord shows up at their doors saying that only people who can live up to the “normal” standars will be able to stay. For the first time the tenants have to work together to figure out a way to hide their peculiarities. But things don’t go as planned, you can’t hide who you are.


Moria – Numbers

Moria is a Palestinan and Syrian dance group with dancers living in Syria, Germany, Sweden, and Holland. Coreographer and dancer Mohumed Diab (picture to the right) created the show Numbers with dancers in Halmstad to spread light about the refugee situation. “We are human before we become refugee”. The show includes poems in Swedish and Arabic.

Watch a five minute trailer of the show.

Watch a 1.30 min choreography from the show.