It’s the end of this semester and I’m going on Swedish semester (vacation)!

I’ve had my last classes for the year with all of my groups and it’s time to take a deep breath and merry Christmas! But first I’m going on a little trip.


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SWAT Workshop

Workshop in SWAT technique today with The Film Attic at Birkagården Stockholm. Awesome!

We practised taking out the gun and holding it in different stances, talked a lot about safety rules and made scenes with hostages, perpetrators and police officers. In the first scene I was a hostage which was very fun and I got into my character really good. So when people was shot and killed around me I started to cry.


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Les Bonnes

Photoshoot for the poster of Jungfruleken (The Maids) today! First we had a meeting with Moa Åström, head of Teaterverket where we are going to play. Then we fixed our makeup, hair and found a good spot to take the pictures. We had the amazing opportunity to borrow clothes from the talented young designer Ida Cronqvist. (more…)

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Un ordinary week

Back in Stockholm after last weeks ghosting. Started off with a great meating with my group JULIJEN this sunday, we discussed music and time period of our play. We did some research for costume and scenery and watched an episode of Downton Abbey for inspiration. After the meeting I went to Kungsängen to have an acrobatic dance class for theatre students. We did some rolling on the floor, backbends and pyramids and in the end a choreography. We worked both with music and then took away the music so they could learn to listen and breathe together. When class was over me and Veronica, their theatre teacher and my friend, practised some fencing that she is going to use in a teacher show this winter. (more…)

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