Strandteatern is a storytelling theatre based in Laholm, Halland. We produce theater for children, young and adults. In our storytelling we use multidisciplinary performing art, mime, dance, song, music, masks, dolls and acting.

Binga – Ett halländskt folkäventyr

A folk tale from Halland, a music theater performance for all ages. The giant throws his shadow over Halland and holds the four rivers Viskan, Ätran, Nissan and Lagan in a fearful grip. The only one who can free them is Binga! A story about overcoming  fear and taking back the treasures that fear have stolen.

The performance is being produced in cooperation with Region Halland, Studiefrämjandet Halland and Laholms kommun (municipality). It opened in the autumn of 2017 and is going on tour in the spring of 2019.

Watch a 1:30 min trailer

Watch a five min introduction of the project


Binga och jätten Dum Trum

Once upon a time when heroes could knit and rivers could talk, when sandstorms  whistled and giants stole, there was a girl named Binga! Join Binga and help her on her quest to find water for her dying sister and get back the treasures that the giant stole from the four rivers of Halland. A theatre experience for children about fear and water!

This is an interactive performance were the actors use both masks and a doll. Based on a folktale from Halland and inspired by the knitting tradition from Halland called binge. A tickling adventure for children 3-9 years old (and their parents, grandparents and siblings)