Between 2012 and 2014 I studied physical and classical theatre at Kulturama in Stockholm.


Director Patrik Bergner

Medealand is a modern play written by Sara Stridsberg inspired by the antique play Medea by Euripides. We were ten people all sharing the parts of Medea and the doctor, alternating between the characters and representing different sides of them.


Ge mig en armé

Director Majken Pollack

A play by Daniela Kullman inspired by and with poetry from Ulf Hässelbäck. The play is a conversation between the playwriter and the poet dealing with his childhood abuse. The story is brought to life in various forms by the devising of the actors. The main character is split into three characters, the inner wolf that consist of rage and lust for revenge, the child who’s unable to understand and helpless to his environment, and the poet.


Gudomliga Ord

Director Micke Klingvall

Mari-Gaila is travelling around with her son the mentally and physically deficient Laureano, showcasing him for money. On the road she falls in love with a mysterious juggler, but the romance will come to have dire consequences. How far are you willing to go for money and where is the line for humiliation?


Sagan om Hemgiften

Director Micke Klingvall

The two commedia lovers Emilia and Emilio wants to get married but their parents Il Dottore and Pantalone have other plans. Emilia is to be married with Pantalone (who according to Il Dottore is dead) for a great dowry. The dowry is unbeknown to Pantalone a homemade enema supposed to revive him, which will finally make Il Dottore a famous scientist. The lovers dress up as the opposite sex, running away from their horrible parents, when Capitano steps in and falls in love with Emilio who looks like a woman. After a fencing duel between Capitano and Emilia the servants Pulcinella and Arlecchino helps the lovers find each other and convince their parents that they should marry.