Un ordinary week

Back in Stockholm after last weeks ghosting. Started off with a great meating with my group JULIJEN this sunday, we discussed music and time period of our play. We did some research for costume and scenery and watched an episode of Downton Abbey for inspiration. After the meeting I went to Kungsängen to have an acrobatic dance class for theatre students. We did some rolling on the floor, backbends and pyramids and in the end a choreography. We worked both with music and then took away the music so they could learn to listen and breathe together. When class was over me and Veronica, their theatre teacher and my friend, practised some fencing that she is going to use in a teacher show this winter. (more…)

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Gasten 2.0

Back in Gothenburg scaring people! This monday we had dress rehersal at Gasten horror house and on tuesday I got…

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This weekend I’ve been shooting a Pilot for a childrens TV series. It was quite an odd job, because I play the hands of a furry little creature (a really beautiful constructed doll). I had theese tiny gloves and had to lie on the floor and try to not be seen while still making movements and help my fellow actress, the voice, eyes and ears of the doll, to make the creature come alive in front of the camera. It was a really fun day and a weird experience! (more…)

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